Slajd, który wprowadził Philla Schillera w zakłopotanie

Kilka dni temu jeden z pracowników Apple odpowiedzialny za tworzenie przeglądarki Safari dla Maczków i pecetów – Don Melton, opublikował swoje wspomnienia z kontaktu ze Steve Jobsem. Szczerze polecam artykuł pod tytułem: Memories of Steve.

Jedną z weselszych anegdot opisanych w tych wspomnieniach była sytuacja, kiedy Steve postanowił zrobić psikusa Philowi. Mianowicie podczas prób prezentacji przygotowywanej na Keynote Macworld w 2003 roku, która poruszała sukces sklepów Apple Store, Steve postanowił dodać slajd którego zawartość możecie zobaczyć poniżej. Oczywiście, Phil Schiller nic o tym nie wiedział:

Steve explained to all of us that he was planning a little prank, we would see it first, and we had better not say anything about it when Phil did arrive later.

He then queued up the slides with the Apple Store update and inserted an extra special slide right at the end.

It. Was. Epic.

Laughter all around while we stared at the slide for a minute, a few moments to calm ourselves, and then the keynote was reset to the beginning. Great timing because that’s when Phil walked into the hall.

So Steve started the rehearsal, going through slides on the “Switcher” ad campaign and then the Apple Stores.

At the end of the retail update, he was supposed to conclude with something like “1.4 million visitors in the month of December alone,” but he added, “so to all of you in the press who doubted us…”

And then clicked to reveal his special slide — poster art I’m sure everyone has seen before — a 1940’s-style rendering of a grinning man holding a big mug of coffee next to his face with this text alongside like a world balloon:

“How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up.”

And then the best part — the part we didn’t know was coming — Steve paused, turned to his V.P. of Marketing and deadpanned, “What do you think, Phil? Too much?”

Ken and I struggled to keep from collapsing in another giggling fit and falling on the floor.

That Steve made such an effort to punk Phil not only meant he had a wonderful sense of mischief, but it was clear he thought well enough of Phil to know the man could take the joke. Which Phil did after a few moments of what I assume was panic.

meltonNie wiem jak Wam, ale mi brakuje Steve’a. Bardzo…

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